23 month work
on 6 client Android projects
No Electronic Engineering
Embedded C/C++ & FPGA
client projects for now.

Focus on:

  • Native Android Development (4+ years coding Java))
  • Kotlin (1+ years coding), MVVM (Android Jetpack)
  • Performance Optimization / Refactoring
  • Python for Backend / Scripting / Data Science
  • Emerging Google Technologies (Firebase, Flutter 1+ years coding Dart)

Focus on:

  • Preferred industries: Automotive / Aerospace / Semiconductors / Maritime / Internet
  • C++11/14-Applications in general (10+ years coding C++)
  • Basic Android NDK skills
  • Performance Optimization / Refactoring
  • Embedded C/C++ (Firmware, Drivers) on: Linux / common RTOS / bare-metal for common MCUs
  • HW/SW-Codesign
  • Small / Midsize FPGA-Designs (preferably Xilinx with VHDL) and PCB-Designs

Android & Electronic Engineering

Matthias Dittmer

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Open for projects, opportunities & discussions.

Last project work ongoing.

Preferred locations: Bremen, Hannover, Hamburg,
Göteborg, Berlin, Switzerland (Remote if feasible and beneficial)
or U.S. (H-1B eligible).

Last update: February 2021